Friday, August 10, 2012

Book Feature: The Queen's Martian Rifles by ME Brines

In this alternate steampunk adventure, the technical genius, Nicola Tesla, invented an anti-gravity coil that made steam-powered spaceships possible in the last decades of the 19th century. By 1899, the British Empire not only covers much of Africa, North America, Asia and the Pacific but also includes a moon base and a protectorate with the French over the backward civilization native to the planet Mars. But that empire, and those of the other western colonial powers, have powerful extraterrestrial enemies no one even suspects exist – enemies that have renewed an age-old secret war against Humanity using all the supernatural powers at their command.

"Brines gives us an excellent look at what the genre of steampunk could be but so seldom is. I enjoyed every minute of the ebook. Have you ever read a Bernard Cornwell novel and said to yourself that this would be so much better with Martians?" - Amazon Review

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A member of the British Society for Psychical Research, M.E. Brines is, like Professor Van Helsing, both a long-time student of the occult and a committed Christian.

He is also the author of more than two dozen e-books, novels, chapbooks and pamphlets on esoteric subjects such as alien abduction, alien hybrids, UFOs, conspiracies, mind control, the esoteric Nazism, the Knights Templar, astrology, magick, the Bible, and the Spear of Longinius, available through Smashwords.

His work has also appeared in Challenge magazine, Weird Tales, The Traveller Chronicle, Midnight Times, The Outer Darkness, Tales of the Talisman, and The Willows magazine.

You can connect with Mr. Brines at his website, Facebook or Twitter. Also read the SpecFicPick interview with ME Brines here.

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