Friday, December 28, 2012

2013: A New Beginning

Due to being tied up with my own projects as well as the general insanity that occurs from Thanksgiving to New Year's, SpecFicPick has been on hiatus. But, with the beginning of a new year, we are back and looking forward to delivering great new speculative fiction content!

There will be some changes going forward. From now on, we will no longer post separate Book Features and author interviews. They will now be combined as Author Spotlights. See the Submission Guidelines for more details.

I have also removed the review requirement for submissions. I know how much some authors struggle to get reviews of their work. Now, a sample reading alone will be used to determine whether or not the book will be accepted. Although I cannot vouch for the quality of each and every book featured, I hope that by reviewing the samples I can ensure that a high standard is maintained and that readers looking for books via SpecFicPick will not be disappointed.

One final note: when, in the future, we are closed to submissions, please do not send them in anyway. From now on, submissions received when we are closed will be deleted unread. That being said, submissions for reviews and articles are now open. Submissions for Author Spotlights will reopen on January 5, 2013. Once again, see the guidelines here.

Michael K. Rose