Saturday, September 22, 2012

Book Feature: Piggy Moto, All-Star Boar Band
by Nicholas McRae

Piggy Moto, All-Star Boar Band is a grown-up fable that takes a look at life, prejudice, and equality. It tells the story of Eberhard Berringer, a Pig of uncommonly diminished stature. He must rise above the indignity of the unfair reputation that Pigs have in the world and must also overcome the natural challenges imposed by dwarfism. Eberhard and four friends have entered an international music competition with the hopes of changing the world's unflattering views of their people. If their quintet can take the prize, then they will prove to the world that Pigs are not all slovenly beasts, and that little people can accomplish great things. Someone involved with the contest is not interested in fairness, however. An anonymous saboteur stalks and harasses the contestants, and as pranks turn bloody, Eberhard and his friends fear that the fight for social equality might cost them their lives.

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Nicholas McRae's life revolves around fantasy and imagination. He studies music, takes clarinet lessons, builds stained-glass, and covers the walls of his home with his own carved fretwork designs. All of these skills and hobbies work to transform mundane life into something magical. Nicholas reaches out to share his sense of daily wonder through storytelling, and hopes to inspire others to look for inspiration in the world around them. His favorite place to write is in the upper balcony at symphony concerts, where the music most stirs his emotions and inspires him.

You can connect with Nicholas at his websiteFacebook or Twitter. Also be sure to read the SpecFicPick interview with Nicholas here.

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