Friday, July 6, 2012

Book Feature: Ash: Return Of The Beast
by Gary Val Tenuta

Ash: Return of the Beast is a supernatural crime thriller, a tale of revenge steeped in the occult and inspired by a little known fact about the death of Aleister Crowley (1947), the notorious occultist the British press once called "The Wickedest Man In The World". Crowley's body was cremated but the urn containing his ashes mysteriously disappeared. Its whereabouts has remained a mystery… until now.

A series of curiously interconnected events, beginning with Crowley's death in 1947, leads to the 1990s when a Seattle “death-metal” rocker with the unlikely name of Rodney Duckworth bursts onto the scene. Suddenly, the city's clergymen are mysteriously dropping dead… nine days apart. Is there a connection?

Brian Kane, a street-worn Seattle Police Detective, reluctantly teams up with the enigmatic Rowena Ravenwood, an attractive female FBI agent, to solve the case. But is it really murder? Where's the evidence? What are the strange symbols branded onto the bodies of the victims? And what is the disturbing secret that Detective Kane is holding so close to his chest?

A bloody carnage of unimaginable horror is about to be unleashed upon the world. The survival of the entire human race hangs in the balance and the clues to help solve the case are in desperately short supply. Worse yet, so is the amount of time left to stop the mysterious killer's reign of terror before all Hell breaks loose. And - according to Special Agent Ravenwood - that's not just a figure of speech.

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Gary Val Tenuta is an author and book cover designer. His illustrations and articles dealing with the UFO phenomenon and other subjects related to the paranormal and esoteric lore have been published in Fate Magazine in the U.S., Beyond Magazine in the U.K., and other periodicals. He resides in a cozy condo in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. with his big black cat, Bear.

Ash: Return Of The Beast is his second novel, preceded by The Ezekiel Code and his award-winning short story, A Bite Out Of Time, all available at

You can connect with him  by visiting his website and via Facebook or Twitter.

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