Friday, July 13, 2012

Book Feature: Vincent Hobbes Presents: The Endlands (Volume 1)

Do you believe in a place outside human knowledge-a place where myth and legend collide-where the unthinkable is the mundane?

There is a thin veil between reality and make believe. When you take a moment, and push the veil aside, perhaps you will see this place, a place not of the imagination. Everything you see here is real.

Nothing is what it seems-noises are not what you think. Nothing is off limits-no place is safe.

You might find yourself lost in the past or trapped in the future-amidst vampires and werewolves-or in a most peculiar lost and found department.

This is where unimaginable creatures roam wild-where humanity is absent, and dreams turn into nightmares. If you are looking for refuge, this is not the place to stop.

Welcome to the Endlands.

12 authors. 17 short stories.

“There is little more primordially frightening to us than the unknown. "The Endlands" is a collection of short stories aimed to frighten and ponder what we all fear the most, what's behind that corner, what is there to antagonize us and what we simply cannot explain. With plenty to ponder and plenty to make it quite hard to put down, "The Endlands" is an excellent read and very highly recommended.”
- Midwest Book Review

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For more information, please visit Hobbes End Publishing. You can find The Endlands Facebook page here.

Vincent Hobbes was born in Dallas, Texas in 1975. He has been actively writing most of his life. His love, his roots, is horror. His recent releases primarily consist of horror, though he knows no limit in genre. His 2012-2013 releases range from horror, to dystopian, to science-fiction and fantasy. He's been widely reviewed, his fans having compared him to the likes of such greats as Philip K. Dick and Stephen King.
Mr. Hobbes writes with elegant prose, has unique plot-lines and great character development. His work is mind-boggling, his characters life-like, his ideas fresh in a dull market.

You can connect with Vincent Hobbes via his website or Facebook. Hobbes End Publishing can be found at their website, Facebook or Twitter.

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