Sunday, July 22, 2012

Book Feature: The Caline Conspiracy by M.H. Mead

Calines are the perfect pets. Smarter than border collies, playful as otters, elegant as cats, calines have been genetically engineered to be everything a pet owner could want.

And one of them might be a killer.

The world is shocked when a famed geneticist is murdered, and his own pet caline, Madeline, is the prime suspect. Is this an isolated case, a flaw in the calines’ design, or something more? The widow doesn’t believe her darling could kill, and hires PI Aidra Scott to prove Madeline’s innocence.

Aidra wants nothing to do with animals—genetically engineered perfection or not. Losing her beloved Doberman was so painful that she’s sworn off pet ownership forever. But the more she investigates, the more Aidra becomes convinced an innocent animal is being framed, and murder is only the beginning of the conspiracy.

“It’s smart and fun and was a great read from beginning to end.” The Unbound Underground

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M.H. Mead is the shared pen name of Margaret Yang and Harry R. Campion. They have been friends and co-authors for many years and have written numerous short stories and two novels. Margaret speaks Chinese, hates waiting in lines, and is saving up for a unicorn. Either that or a flying car. Harry loves the Detroit Tigers, can deep fry any food, and has more books than shelves to put them on. The authors live in Michigan, where they are hard at work on their next novel.

To connect with M.H. Mead, please visit their blog and Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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